🧬 Daily Monsters Battle Game

2 min readApr 26, 2021

Monsters are born to fight so don’t keep them bored! Join to win a share of the GEN prize pool. Form a team of 3 of the best Monsters you have and send them to Battle!

This is how the fight will look like.

Once you select a team from the Battle Field — the fight begins. As initiator of the fight, your team will hit first. Each of your Monsters will attack correspondingly to the Monster of your opponent. Attack deals damage which will be a random number from 0 up to the Strength of your monster. Although it can be possibly blocked if defending monster has Defence ability. Each point of Defence gives you 10% of chance to block it.

The winner would be the team which dealt more damage. However, if one or two of your monsters die but you’ve dealt more damage — you still win. If all your monsters die — you lose disregarding the damage you’ve dealt.

Once your Monster dies, you have the option to revive them after the battle. Reviving should be calculated as: Revive=Monster lvl*3. So if your team consist of lvl 5, lvl 5, and lvl 6 and all of them died, you have to pay 48 GEN.

When you choose not to join the fight, you will miss the chance to earn. If you attack and win — you take 30% from share of your opponent but if you lose — your opponent will take 30% from your share. Remember, you have to attack at least once so you can claim you prize when you leave the arena. No attack, no prize 😌

Health points of your Monsters don’t restore after each fight and eventually your team can be destroyed. But after the battle, your monsters who survived the fight will earn EVO points to use in evolving and will get its health restored 100%, making sure your monster is ready to join another fight and kick a** 😈




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