Due to recent token price fall we are entering to Burning phase earlier than we planned. We would like to share with you our Emergency Price Recovery Plan, that will be started to be implemented this TODAY. It consists in a series of actions that will reduce our daily emissions to increase the effect of daily buybacks, that will also be implemented.


The first measure we’re going to take is to cut the stable and pool farms. Those farms only benefit the ones who are less committed to the…

Dear Evolutionaries,

Please welcome our precious partner — Wault finance. Together we have started several activities:

1. New $WEXPOLY pool with earnings in $GENX and $GENX-$WEXPOLY farm with earnings in WEXPOLY have been started on app.Wault.finance/polygon.

2. $WEXPOLY will be added to our crosschain DEX.

3. $WAULTX will be added to our bridge.

The pool will also include an NFT airdrop. There will be a random snapshot during the 2 month staking period where 50 stakers will be randomly chosen to receive an EVODeFi NFT!

Stay tuned and follow our updates. So much has already been done and so much to come! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Dear Evolutionaries,

Please welcome @AuguryFinance. Their $OMEN token will be added to our cross-chain DEX!

Augury Finance is a financial ecosystem on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain which focuses on trust, community ownership & sustainable returns. Follow our updates to find more partnership activities! 👀

Augury Finance: https://augury.finance/

Augury Telegram: https://t.me/auguryfinance

Augury Twitter : https://twitter.com/AuguryFinance


$PAW and $FISH will be added to our cross-chain token exchnage today at 18–00 UTC!

And more great news are on the way! 2 farms will open at 17–00 UTC on August 22!

GENX-FISH farm is opening at evo-matic.com

GENX-PAW farm will be opened at polycat.finance!

You shurely must use our cross-chain token exchnage to get FISH and PAW for joining the farms!

WE ARE ON THE WAY TO 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


How to add HSC to your MetaMask:
1. Open MetaMask, and click the icon at the top right.

2. Once menu opens click Settings and scroll down to Networks.

FansForceNFT IDO will be conducted on EVODeFi🎉

⏰Time: August 9th 14:00 UTC — 10th 12:00 UTC

💰IDO price: 1 $USDT=125 $FFN

👨‍🔧Limit per person: 125 $USDT

❄️FansForce is the first platform that integrates the issuance and mint of NFT, NFT tokenisation, and DAO functions. In FansForce, creators and discoverers can cooperate with each other to explore the maximum value of NFT assets.

🌐Official URL:http://fansforce.net

📒Twitter :http://twitter.com/FansForceNFT




🚨🚨 ALERT 🚨🚨

We have experienced huge demand for our bridge, especially given all the expansions we have been doing. Unfortunately with great popularity comes some scammers with imitations of our bridge to try and steal your hard earned money.

Please make sure you are using official links to access our bridge!


V2 Bridge: https://bridge.evodefi.com/?token=USDC

V1 Bridge: https://v1.evodefi.com/bridge?token=USDC

We are doing everything we can to get these scam sites removed. Please report anything suspicious to one of our Admins / Mods in a DM.

Evo DeFi Token Bridge

One of the key features of Evo DeFi is our industry leading Token Bridge. There are many benefits of our bridge and we are quickly gaining notoriety from it!

What is a token bridge?

A token bridge is a way to transfer your tokens between different blockchains. For example if you have some $USDC on Binance Smart Chain, but you wanted to invest in a new token that exists on Polygon, you would need to transfer your $USDC from BSC -> Polygon before you were able to spend that $USDC on Polygon. …

🥳 Hey hey hey! Good news, folks!

We are pleased to announce that EvoDefi has expanded to new chain. Now we are available on Polygon (Matic)! 🙌


Farming will start on May 12 at 11pm UTC. You can deposit now!

Same interface, same functionality, new fresh farms and pools!

Polygon has low fees, fast transactions and has proven to be more stable. It has big community and deploying our dApp on Polygon gives us access to this market. It’s a great deal for EvoDefi! 🥳

How do I start?

Welcome to Evolution! Make sure you read previous article to have a full understanding about this feature.

This article is to help you get started on How to Join the Game.


1. Get your monsters.

🧬 To get started, you will have to get your monsters. You can choose between opening eggs or buying at the market. These monsters are the key to win the battle, so make sure you take a good care of them 😉

😈 Learn more about these monsters and how you can breed them.


New generation of yield farming of BSC and Polygon with revolutionary features/Best cross-chain bridge. https://evodefi.com

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