🥳 Hey hey hey! Good news, folks!

We are pleased to announce that EvoDefi has expanded to new chain. Now we are available on Polygon (Matic)! 🙌


Farming will start on May 12 at 11pm UTC. You can deposit now!

Same interface, same functionality, new fresh farms and pools!

Polygon has low fees, fast transactions and has proven to be more stable. It has big community and deploying our dApp on Polygon gives us access to this market. It’s a great deal for EvoDefi! 🥳

How do I start?

Welcome to Evolution! Make sure you read previous article to have a full understanding about this feature.

This article is to help you get started on How to Join the Game.


1. Get your monsters.

🧬 To get started, you will have to get your monsters. You can choose between opening eggs or buying at the market. These monsters are the key to win the battle, so make sure you take a good care of them 😉

😈 Learn more about these monsters and how you can breed them.

Monsters are born to fight so don’t keep them bored! Join to win a share of the GEN prize pool. Form a team of 3 of the best Monsters you have and send them to Battle!

This is how the fight will look like.

Once you select a team from the Battle Field — the fight begins. As initiator of the fight, your team will hit first. Each of your Monsters will attack correspondingly to the Monster of your opponent. Attack deals damage which will be a random number from 0 up to the Strength of your monster. Although it can be possibly blocked if defending monster has…

From previous article you learned which levels monsters can be and that you can breed them. Let’s have a quick recap.

  • Monsters will be used in Battle Game to share GEN pool prizes
  • Maximum available level — 7 (8th level coming soon)
  • Each level represents trait — 1-body, 2-face, 3-legs, 4-ear, 5-horn, 6-tail and 7-wings
  • Maximum level you can get from an Egg is 5
  • You can breed monster 2 times. If monster breeds for the 2nd time — he dies
  • To get your monster new trait (in other words to upgrade his level) you need to participate in the…

We are happy to give you a sneak peak of what to expect from upcoming NFT Battle Game. Please welcome, EVO Monsters!

We always listen to our community and when their voice speaks sense we allocate time for improvement. Our NFT market received couple of commonly asked for features:

  • filtering
  • sorting

Please pay attention that old market is still available to give community freedom to choose where do they want their NFTs to be sold at.

By results of the poll in private chat which is available for holders of the top tier NFT we applied new boundaries to elastic emission. Compared to previous ones lower limit was lifted from $10 to $20.

This means that if price stays below $20 mark reward emission per block slows down. For example:

  • At $20/GEN and above emission will be 1GEN/block
  • At $15/GEN emission will be 0.75GEN/block
  • At $10/GEN emission will be 0.5GEN/block

Top limit is still the same — $100. You can read about its behaviour initial explanation of elastic emission.

New loot boxes have arrived with GEN tokens and NFTs inside!

And more — all loot boxes are available now with temporary 50% price discount!

1x loot box contains at least one GEN reward and a chance to get NFT.

Here are the chances to get GEN reward out of 1x loot box:

45% chance — 0.1 GEN

21% chance — 0.2 GEN

14% chance — 0.4 GEN

8% chance — 0.9 GEN

5% chance — 1.5 GEN

4% chance — 3 GEN

3% chance — 10 GEN

Chances to get NFT from 1x loot box:

19% chance — NFT…

Classic yield farming projects have fixed reward per block count — amount of tokens minted per block. In other words reward emission is constant and doesn’t adapt to demand/supply correlation.

Evolution’s emission of reward per block is tied up to the price of the token — it speeds up when the price goes up and slows down when it drops.

When price stays in bounds of $10 to $100 farm will emit 1 GEN token per block.

When price drops below $10/GEN, emission of reward per block will drop proportionally. For example at $5/GEN emission will slow down to 0.5 GEN/block, at $2/GEN emission will be 0.2 GEN/block and so on.

When price soars above $100/GEN, for example to $120 or $250— emission speeds up to 1.2 or 2.5 GEN/block correspondingly.

It’s as simple as that yet it protects community from abrupt price volatility.

NFTs of different levels can be found in Loot boxes. Here are the chances to get each level:

  • 1 lvl — 66%
  • 2 lvl — 15%
  • 3 lvl — 9%
  • 4 lvl — 6%
  • 5 lvl — 3%
  • 6 lvl — 0.9%
  • 7 lvl — 0.01%

To save on transaction fees we recommend opening loot box with 20 NFTs in it.

Once you get your NFTs you have a variety of ways to use it. For starters you can get Burn Bonus Time that will boost your APR by 50% by burning one or all of them at once. …


New generation of yield farming of Binance Smart Chain with revolutionary features

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