🧬NFT Monsters Battle: A Guide

3 min readMay 6, 2021

Welcome to Evolution! Make sure you read previous article to have a full understanding about this feature.

This article is to help you get started on How to Join the Game.


1. Get your monsters.

🧬 To get started, you will have to get your monsters. You can choose between opening eggs or buying at the market. These monsters are the key to win the battle, so make sure you take a good care of them 😉

😈 Learn more about these monsters and how you can breed them.

Gotta check the countdown! 😉

2. Prepare for Battle.

🧬 Time of Daily Battles are announced; countdown can be seen in the arena. While waiting for the battle to open, you can keep yourself busy with getting your monsters ready — check their stats, set a strategy you can use to make sure you’ll survive!


3. Send your Top 3 Monsters to the Arena.

🧬 Once the arena opens — you have 1 hour to deposit your NFT Monsters, Make sure to put your monsters in the arena that corresponds their level. Only 30 participants shall be allowed to join in each arena. If you didn’t make it today, there is always tomorrow 😉 We battle DAILY!

“Fight” button will turn blue when Fight starts.

4. Select enemy to fight.

🧬 After an hour, and everyone deposited their Monsters to the arena, you will be able to fight for 30mins. To do that, you have to select the team you wish to attack and click “Fight”. You only have 7 times to attack, so choose your enemies wisely — work on your strategy.

😈 Remember: no attack, no prize. More attack, more prize! 🥳

This is what you will see when your monsters die.

5. Leave Arena.

🧬 When the fight ends, you have to leave the arena to get your bounty or your GEN prize. It is important to note that you have to attack at least once so you can claim you prize when you leave the arena. No attack, no prize 😌

😈 You can revive monsters if it dies only after the battle. Reviving should be calculated as: Revive=Monster lvl*3.

😈 Join the battle and be part of the Top 3 Players and Earners!!! 🥳 🥳 🥳

Goodluck on your journey! Start EVO, Stay EVO ❤️ 😉




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