🧬 NFT Battle Monsters

3 min readApr 24, 2021

We are happy to give you a sneak peak of what to expect from upcoming NFT Battle Game. Please welcome, EVO Monsters!

To get yourself a Monster you will have to buy Eggs with GEN token.

Earth, Water and Fire eggs

Similar to Lootboxes, after the purchase you get your creature. More likely it will be a simple monster with basic face, hands/legs and random body that differs by amount of health points.

Look at this lvl 1 cutie 😍

Health points of body will vary from 30 to 40. Monster level is determined by amount of his traits. From Eggs you can get it up to level 5. Second level monster comes with evolved face, 3rd level — with evolved legs, 4th adds to your monster ears and 5th — horn.

There are three types of Eggs with difference price as the chance to get higher level creature is also different. Most expensive egg will give you 8% chance to get monster level 5.

The highest level is 8 when your Monster has tail, wings and special power ability (although 8th level will become available later). To get additional trait you can breed your creatures. Child can get additional trait from one of his parents that the other doesn’t have. Other traits of the newborn will vary within boundary of levels of parents. Monsters can only breed three times, after that they will die. More on Breeding you can read in our next story.

If you got 5 monsters you don’t think you’d miss them if they’re gone — Fuse them to get one monster that comes from Water Egg.

Monsters are born to fight! Get them from eggs, breed them and send the best to the daily Monster Battle to get EVO Points needed to give your Monsters new traits and share the pool of GEN token prizes!




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